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Angharad is the alt-pop project of song-writer and fiddle player Angharad Jenkins from Swansea. Described as a ‘musical chameleon,’ she has long worked at the edges of expectations.

She’s enjoyed a 15-year career touring the world with award-winning Welsh folk band Calan, but since becoming a mother she has discovered her voice. Literally a singing voice, and also words and stories that needed to be told. 

In 2023, in a bold move towards a completely new genre, she launched her alt-pop project. A powerful, and fearless artist, her music has been drawing comparisons with the likes of John Cale, PJ Harvey, and Patti Smith, and has been played on BBC6 Music, BBC Radio Wales and BBC Radio Cymru.

Her music has a playful, theatrical element, which hops between disco to experimental, spoken-word and melodically rich songs. The common theme, which grounds the music is the female experience, motherhood and our relationship with time.

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